Education System for bright future


If we look at the Educational system of Jamia Arabia Anwarul Quraan Balrampur, we will be able to know its peculiar characteristics. By the grace of ALLAH, here primary is given to quality rather than quantity. The chief Pattron, General Manager, Principal and all teacher of Jamia are doing their best to lead forward the Madarsa. The managing committee and academic council always keep an eye on its system. Review the good and bad aspects and try to remove the bad once, so that the Madarsa may lead towards a perfect educational standard since 1976. Only the teachers who appointed by management, are highly qualified their concerned department and job so that they may be able to do their duties sincerely in better methods. It is compulsory to complete the prescribed course, institution on the all text books of grammar is essential, so that the students will be able to appreciate their studies in the next class without any difficulty unless students get through the examination, They will have to sit in the same class in next academic session. If someone twice in the same class, will be expelled out of Jamia.

Subjects of primary classes-


(1)     The Holy Quraan

(2)     Theology

(3)     Ethics

(4)     Sociology

(5)     Urdu language

(6)     Hindi Language

(7)     Science

(8)     Mathematics

(9)     Geography

(10)   Urdu grammar

(11)   Basic grammar

(12)   General knowledge

Subjects are included in the class-

(1)     Persian Grammar

(2)     Persian Literature

(3)     Urdu Literature

(4)     Islamic Fiqh

(5)     Sirat (The biography of Holly Prophet)

(6)     Hadees

(7)     Principle of Islamic Fiqh

(8)     Arabic Grammar

(9)     Arabic Literature

(10)   Computer

(11)   Tajveed Arabic Phonetics

Subjects of Almiyat and Fazilat-

(1)     Dars-e-Quraan

(2)     Tafseer ( exegesis of Quraan)

(3)     Hadees

(4)     Principles of Hadees

(5)     Fiqh

(6)     History of Islam

(7)     Philosphy

(8)     Art of teaching or training


Jamia Arabia Anwarul Quraan has aim for preparing such students who will be able to preach the true version of Islam lead the Muslims to the right path and take active part in serving the nation as well. Therefore, all these things have been given due consideration in its academic programmers the detailed syllabus has been published time to time.

At present, there is a 15 years syllabus-

Nursery (1 year),

Primary (5 years),

Secondary (4 years),

Almiyat (2 years),

Fazilat (3 years).




Examinations :

Molvi, Munshi, Aalim, Fazil examinations are conducted by the Arabic Farsi Madarsa Board, Govt. of UP, Lucknow, India, other examinations are conducted under the supervision of the principal Jamia.



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