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Jamia Darul Ifta : Every month, hundreds of questions about religious law are referred to the Jamia Darul Ifta and their authentic answers are issued from here. Hazrat Maulana Mufti Mohammad Masih Ahmad Qadri Misbahi the head of this department. Fatwas are delivered to the religious Muslim under his supervision.

Hifzul Quraan and Tajweed

-Anwarul Quraan Girls Junior High School

-Deptt of Molvi, Munshi, Aalim and Fazil

-Deptt of Tahtania

-Deptt of Fauqania

-Deptt of Fazilat

-Deptt of computer Education

Address – Purainiya Talab, Distt-Balrampur (U.P.)

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