(Maslak-e-Imam Ahmad Raza)

    Address – Purainiya Talab, Distt-Balrampur (U.P.)

    (A registered Society for Minorities Educational, Social & Economic uplift)


    This institution is located at the town of Balrampur at Indo-Nepal Border in U.P. It’s standard religious educational institution of the Indian Muslims. In early beginning, it was established in 1936 as a Maktab near Ibrahim Mistri Mosque in Balrampur by the social and sunni religious Muslims.  Afterwards in 1967 and 1968 it extended further it became famous by name of Jamia Arabia Anwarul Quraan (Arabic College) Balrampur U. P. India.

    Managing Committee-

    Managing Committee is ragisteredby the Deputy Registrar Chits, fund and society, Faizabad, governed by U.P. Government on the registration no. 677/71+72 since the very beginning there is a committee to look after and control over management and administration Institution. At present the name of office bearers in the managing committee are given below-


    1 Janab Hazrat Aziz-e-Millat Abdul hafeez sahab Chief Pattron.
    2 Janab Bekal Utsahi sahab Pattron
    3 Janab Haji Abdul Hadi Sahab President
    4 Janab Mohd. Ayyub Sahab Vice President
    5 Janab Dr. Iqbal Ahmad Khan Sahab General Manager
    6 Janab Dr. Faqeer Mohd. Siddiqui Sahab Assistant Manager
    7 Janab Abdul Mannan Sahab Treasurer
    8 Janab Athar Beg Sahab Auditor
    9 Janab Dr. Shakeel Ahmad Khan Sahab Member
    10 Janab Abdul Wahab Khan Sahab Member
    11 Janab Dr. Mohd. Israiel Sahab Member
    12 Janab Mahmood Ahmad Khan Sahab Member