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    Library and Hostel-

    Hafiz-e-Millat Library Maslake-e-Ahmad Raza is the central library of Jamia Arabia Anwarul Quran. From the beginning there is a rich collection of prescribed and non-prescribed book in the library. In its thousands of books of Tafsir, Hadees, principles of Hadees, Islamic Fiqh, Principle of Fiqh, Arabic Literature, History of Islam, Logic, Philosophy, Inheritence law, polemics and other subjects are available. The text books are issued to the students in the months of Shawwal and after six-monthly examinations, and the books are returned by them to the library after the annual examination.

    About Hostel-

    Jamia has hostel faculty also which is situated on left side of main building. Have best faculty to living and bathing for students. Many students are here of other states they are completing their arabic education. We provide them free fooding and living faculty.